Lymphoedema Therapy

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that can be successfully managed with ongoing combined de-congestive therapy (CDT). This treatment combines compression therapy, lymph drainage therapy (massage), exercise and therapeutic skin care. If you are experiencing sensations of tightness, fullness, discomfort or tingling or your rings/shoes are feeling tighter, these may be early signs of lymphoedema.

A case of secondary lymphoedema might typically occur after surgery, lymph node dissection and radiation therapy for breast cancer. Damage to lymph vessels and the loss of lymph nodes results in a reduced transport capacity of the lymphatic system whereby fluid and proteins may not be removed properly and will start to accumulate in the tissues. As a result, swelling in the arm and chest may develop. Early detection and treatment are critical for heading off more severe symptoms.

As a therapist, my goal, is to assist you in reducing oedema and discomfort, to restore any loss in range of motion and improve function. Learning about your condition and how to manage it confidently will improve your quality of life.

My Practice

I work with people recovering from surgery and injury and people who have primary and secondary lymphoedema. My practice is also open to people interested in improving or maintaining their general health and well being.

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